Julius Malema and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi Appear in Randburg.

EFF leaders, Julius Malema and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi in Court.

The EFF CIC, Julius Malema appeared in the Randburg magistrate’s court together with EFF MP, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, for a second day in a row on charges of assault against SA Police colonel Johannes Venter. Colonel Venter was today cross-examined by the legal representative for the accused, Adv Lourence Hodes who tried to punch holes in the evidence led by the Colonel in chief. Amongst others, he put itto the witness that the motor vehicle in which Mr Malema and Ndlozi were travelling had permission to enter the graveyard and that colonel Venter was wrong in preventing them to enter.

Yesterday, Colonel Venter testified that he was deployed with the police unit responsible for the protection of the President and stationed at the entrance to the graveyard. His orders were that he should only allow the President and the Mandela Family’s motorcades to enter the grave site. He stated further that Mr Malema’s vehicle had no permission to enter and that when he tried to stop it from entering, that is when a struggle ensued between him and Mr Malema and Dr Ndlozi.

Julius Malema seated in Court at another time.

There was drama on Thursday when Mr Malema and Dr Ndlozi started an argument with a white gentleman who was seated in the courtroom next to the accused dock following the proceedings. They accused him of interfering with witnesses and asked him to leave as he was blocking their way. When he stood his ground and accused them of intimidating him, the police had to intervene and asked him to take another seat.

Mr Malema’s legal representative, Adv Hodes, is a white person. Mr Malema is well-known for his rhetoric attacking whites. He has been criticised in the media for choosing a white advocate to represent him when he advises black people not to have anything to do with white South Africans.

The Randburg Magistrate’s Court in Johannesburg, South Africa

EFF members turned out in their numbers and were waiting outside the court, where Malema addressed them after the matter was postponed. He defended his appointment of a white counsel to represent him after he was criticised on social media for cotradicting his own position, saying that his struggle is not against white South Africans, but against racist whites and that his struggle is an international struggle and not a tribalistic one. What many people were asking is whether this could mean a change in policy by the EFF from its divisive approach towards race relations, to a more moderate and accommodative approach to other races.He said that he is not worried about the outcome of the case as he is confident of victory when it is finalised. His concern at the moment is to win in the upcoming by-elections and local government elections. He further turned his attention to Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and said that Zondo should address him directly if he needs him to clarify anything as he has nothing to hide. This apparently after the State Capture Commission notified its intention to subpoena the bank statements of several political figures and their families, including the EFF leader and former president Jacob Zuma, in an effort to discover the true extent of the state capture.

EFF Supporters.

The case was postponed to 09 March 2021 for further hearing.

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