US November 2020 Presidential Elections . Donald Trump is Holding a Trump Card.

It is Tuesday the 3rd of November 2020 and the US voting machinery is in full swing. Many polls have suggested that Joe Biden is leading the race in swing states. It seems, however, that, like in 2016, the polls are merely stating their wish about the results of the elections. Trump is still holding a trump card waiting to surprise everyone after the votes have been counted.

This year’s elections promise to deliver the biggest turnout in US history judging by the turnout during early voting. Almost 90 million Americans have already cast their votes.

The latest polls show Joe Biden leading in key swing states:

Latest Polls in Swing States

Name of StateElectoral VotesJoe Biden %Donald Trump %
North Carolina1548.947.3

It is now a question of wait and see. Although Biden is leading in many of the swing states, Trump may still surprise us all. The corona virus pandemic has no doubt influenced the way in which Americans are going to vote including the turnout at the polling stations. Many people say that Donald Trump failed to deal with the pandemic decisively while others understand that the pandemic is something new and unique and that no one was prepared for the force and severity of the attack. The Democrats are saying that Trump could have handled the pandemic better and that he could have saved more American lives.

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