Is Trump Leaving the White House? Biden Leading Trump 264/214.

Donald Trump & Joe Biden

With counting still continuing, Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden is leading the race at 264 electoral college votes as against Republican Party President Donald Trump’s 214. There are still results pending in 4 swing states, namely, Georgia (16ev), North Carolina(15ev), Pennsylvania(20ev), Arizona(11ev),

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This is very closely contested election in many years. Donald Trump has been leading the race in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, until a short while ago. Joe Biden has just collected Michigan and Nevada to bring him to 264 votes. If Donald Trump will have to win in the four outstanding states to secure him the 270 electoral college votes necessary to become president of the United States. This possibility is fading away with each passing hour. However, Trump can still surprise all of us by defying expectations as in 2016. If he wins Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, he will be able to add 51 electoral college votes bringing him to 264, which falls short by 6 electoral college votes. He will need to win Arizona as well overall victory.

The race is closely contested in all of the swing states and anything is possible. It is a game of wait-and-see. It may be sometime before we get the final results as some states have been granted allowance to count the votes for a few more days after voting is closed. President Trump has already launched multiple court challenges to order a recount as he feels that the votes are being stolen from him,

Trump’s Legacy: If Trump leaves the White House, he will leave having secured peace between the United States/South Korea and North Korea, reduced US/Russian, tensions having withdrawn US troops from Syria and in the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan and having moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and started peace negotiations between Israel and its Arab neighbours.

All these came at a price as the US’s European Allies felt left out and more vulnerable to Russian aggression, trade wars between the US and China, alienated the Palestinians and Iran. In the overall, Donald Trump, in his own way, has done more to advance world peace in recent American history. This is something that Americans need to thank him for as his strategy has saved them trillions of dollars in military expenses.This is something that Americans may have missed in their decision not to give him a second term. It remains to be seen whether the Democrats will continue on this path or will return to engage in endless wars all over the world.

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