Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Arrested and then Released in malawi.

Lilongwe, Malawi.

The leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) and his wife handed themselves over to the police in Lilongwe, Malawi ,after they learned that they were wanted in connection with Interpol arrest warrants originating in South Africa. After handing themselves over, they were taken to a magistrate where the court found that their arrest was unlawful as apparently the warrants of arrest were not taken through proper channels in terms of the extradition treaty entered into between South Africa and .Malawi. He and his wife Mary were accordingly released without being charged and unconditionally. They do not need to return to court until South Africa rectifies the errors and follow proper procedure. This was confirmed by their legal representative in Malawi, Mr Wapona Kita. According to Kita, the Bushiris appeared before Lilongwe Principal Resident Magistrate, Viva Nyimba for a bail hearing. However, the couple were immediately released unconditionally as the magistrate was of the view that their arrest was unlawful. This was a slap in the face for the South Africans as they were hoping for a swift extradition in order to save face after the embarrassment caused by Bushiri’s great escape,

Shepherd & Mary Bushiri

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The Bushiri’s are now at home relaxing and have vowed to oppose any attempts by the South Africans to extradite them back to South Africa as they believe that they will not receive a fair hearing in South Africa. In the meantime, in Pretoria, South Africa Willah Mudolo appeared without his most famous co-accused. He was remanded in custody. It seems that his chances of being released on bail have been blown away as a result of the conducted of his co-accused. The Court in South Africa has since withdrawn bail in respect of Prophet Bushiri and his wife and their bail money as well as their house in Midstream Estate valued at R5,5 million, forfeited to the State.


A huge crowd of supporters in Malawi gathered at the court in Lilongwe to plead for the Bushiris not to be extradited to South Africa. Speaking after their unconditional release, Bushiri said that victory must be given to God. He said that he is not worried about his bail money and property being forfeited to the state in South Africa. He was more concerned about his and his family’s safety. He said that he had come to Malawi as he has more faith in the justice system there than in South Africa.

Wapona Kita, Attorney for the Bushiris in Malawi.

Malawian Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako, has said that they had no emotional attachment to the case and that they will allow the law to take its course. If the law says that they should extradite the Bushiris’, they will do so in compliance with the law and their international obligations,

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