NSFAS Deadline Extended to 01 December 2020.

According to the NSFAS Twitter account, the deadline for applications for the 2021 academic year has been extended, but only until 23:59 on 01 December 2020. This after students complained that they were unable to access their profiles on the NSFAS website in order to complete their applications. But as the website continues to fail, will the 24 hour extension be of any assistance to the thousands of students who fear that their applications will not reach NSFAS on time?

University of the Witwatersrand

·#NSFAS2021 applications will close tomorrow (1 December 2020) at 23:59. Go to http://nsfas.org.za, click myNSFAS and complete your application. No further extension will be offered. Applications close 1 December 2020.”

Here are some of the students’s frustrations with the system,

Phumla Willie@Ms_Willie·Replying to @myNSFASWe can’t login and finish applications.

Adam from the Bible@AdamWama2000
·Replying to @myNSFASCan you please fix system please ,I have been trying to finish my application but it kept on showing me this error message

Been doing this and I have also emailed and sent you guys a dm.0:27269 views8:34 PM · Nov 30, 2020·Twitter for Android1 Quote Tweet3 Likesuh@Kith3r·Replying to @Promise_Moleta and @myNSFASizinto zama’last minute11ASMR IS LIFE!@CJ_KIRIN·It’s been doing this for weeks now. Awuyeke ukuphapha Maan!1

University of Limpopo Library Square.

STAY TF HOME!@boitumeloMuleya·Replying to @myNSFASFor weeks you have not been responding to enquiries, your call centre has been closed and your website never fail to misbehave… now you tell us about one day extension as if your problems have been sorted. Ay suka

The same frustrations could also be found on NSFAS’ Facebook page. NSFAS will have to find another solution to give these students a fair chance as the failure of their website cannot be blamed on the students.

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