Month: December 2020

Phalaborwa is Plunged into a Water Crisis

The quaint little town of Phalaborwa is situated at the gates of the Kruger National Park, an international heritage asset in South Africa. It is just a few kilometres away from the mighty Olifants river from where it draws its water. This Christmas, the… Continue Reading “Phalaborwa is Plunged into a Water Crisis”

Power Restored to Phalaborwa Once Again.

We recently reported on the power outage at a certain section of the town of Phalaborwa, South Africa.The residents forced to spend Christmas under very difficult circumstances. Many lost so much in the process.While they were hopeful that the situation will be resolved quite… Continue Reading “Power Restored to Phalaborwa Once Again.”

Phalaborwa Plunged into Darkness on Christmas Day.

Large parts of the tourist and mining town of Phalaborwa have been plunged into darkness over this Christmas. For the past three days, residents of Ward 12 in the municipality have been sending messages to their counselors to complain about the electricity outage. That… Continue Reading “Phalaborwa Plunged into Darkness on Christmas Day.”

Massive Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out Underway in the United States.

CNN reported on Sunday that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr Robert Redfield has accepted an advisory committee’s recommendation that the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine may be given to people aged 16 years and older, paving the way for shots of… Continue Reading “Massive Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out Underway in the United States.”

Positive News From NSFAS.

On the last day of the 2021 application cycle, the NSFAS website has been running smoothly and students have reported being able to complete their applications with minor or no hiccups at all in cntrast to the frustrations experienced over the last few days.… Continue Reading “Positive News From NSFAS.”