Power Restored to Phalaborwa Once Again.

Nearby Attractions in Phalaborwa.

We recently reported on the power outage at a certain section of the town of Phalaborwa, South Africa.The residents forced to spend Christmas under very difficult circumstances. Many lost so much in the process.While they were hopeful that the situation will be resolved quite early on Saturday morning, that was not to be and they had to spend the whole day on Saturday without power once again. It was only by late afternoon at around 15h30 that the electrical engineer was satisfied with the work done and he authorised that the electricity may be switched on which was done.

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Overhead Cables.

The residents were very pleased to see their appliances working for the first time since Wednesday, 23 December 2020. Social media platforms went abuzz with messages of gratitude towards the teams that worked tirelessly to resolve the problems. However, the excitement was short-lived as the electricity went down without warning some 30 minutes later. The teams were recalled and they quickly established the fault, but it would take them another six hours to fix the problem. They blamed the problem on overloading the system caused by the residents having left their appliances on as the electricity was switched back on, causing the system to trip.

It was at around 10 o’ clock in the evening that the electricity was once again restored to the residents and they could now breath a sigh of relief. Simulteneously, water was also restored . Social media was once again in flames with positive messages. It appears that the problems can be attributed to aging infrastructure. On behalf of the Phalaborwa residents, we want to thank all the electrical standby teams involved in resolving the problem, the counselors and community leaders who so professionally co-ordinated the efforts and kept the residents well informed, Sybrandt, Jaco, Danie, Susan, Marietjie and the entire team. A word of gratitude is also due to the people of South Africa as a whole and the people of the following countries for having shown an interest in the plight of the people of Phalaborwa over this festive season, namely, the UK, the USA, Australia, Ireland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the EU, Germany, the UAE, New Zealand, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Pakistan. Saudi Arabia, Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania, Switzerland, Norway, Swaziland, Mauritius, Chile, Namibia, Mongolia, and others. Thank you for your support guys. It is much appreciated.

Water was also restored.

5 Comments on “Power Restored to Phalaborwa Once Again.

  1. This is not the whole truth. There is still parts without water and electeicity. Its very sad.

    Please come and investigate

    This is much worse than it sounds and looks like.

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  2. I would love to know the interest that thé other counties have shown. Will they be helping restore this once beautiful town?

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  3. This is not true. Parts of town still sit without electricity and some without water for days

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