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Deputy CJ Raymond Zondo Now Had Enough.

Following former President Jacob Zuma’s disappearance from the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture last Thursday, the Deputy Chief Justice has instructed the secretary of the Commission to lay criminal charges with the South African Police Service and to bring an urgent application… Continue Reading “Deputy CJ Raymond Zondo Now Had Enough.”

Zuma Disappears Just Before Giving Evidence at the State Capture Commission…

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has ruled that the application for his recusal brought by former president Jacob Zuma does not have any factual or legal basis and that it is dismissed. This, after the former president was issued with a summons in September… Continue Reading “Zuma Disappears Just Before Giving Evidence at the State Capture Commission…”

Zuma is Dragged to the State Capture Commission.

In the latest bid to avoid giving evidence at the state capture inquiry, former president of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has filed an application with the said commission for the presiding officer of the commission, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, to… Continue Reading “Zuma is Dragged to the State Capture Commission.”